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Ballsvoid PC: Definitive game

Better than ever!

 Finally! Ballsvoid it’s now avalaible on Steam!

I already said everywhere, but it is what it is, this is the best version of this game! New playable features, visual improvements…yes, I’m very happy with the result.

Platform: Steam (PC)

Year: 2023

Languages: English/Spanish

Duration: 2 hours-Infinite

Price: 4.99$

Survivors Prototype

In 1 week!

In my association with Fernando Frutos, we have been meditating a lot about what genre we should do, in that process, we made a few prototypes, being in this case survivors type (with the difference that we attack directly).


After doing the art( except the trees and  the ground), we were hard at work and in less than a week we did a pretty good job for time it took.


-A player with basic stats, capable of moving in all directions, of rolling (dashing), with 2 types of attacks and a magic shot. 

-Attacks and magic have been configured so that they are fully modifiable as we level up ( size, damage, amount, direction,etc). 

-Enemies able to follow the player and allies and attack them.

-Pooling system for waiting enemies, alives and dead, saving performance by doing a single initial charge.

-Allies that follow the player until they detect the closest enemy, after which, they, will go towards him until they eliminate him, and then return to the player.

-Skills unlock system, in this case, we only unlock 2, the sharp attack (second 0:23), and normal/double fireball (second 1:13).

-Dynamic layer system with Sorting Group and a small script for large elements, such as trees (second 0:28).

-We used a peculiar system to be able to change weapons freely, the Axe has its own Animator perfectly synchronized with the player’s animations, they are 2 different objects! The small bug that can be seen in seconds 4 and 5 occurred while the art was being made, we decided that for this test it was not annoying enough.


There are many more internal details but I don’t think they are relevant, as a conclusion, it has been fun to make this prototype in such a short time, we will see how the “survivor genre” evolves and maybe it will be resumed in the future.


I leave you a very interesting  article  about a study related to this “genre”.

Flirting with ECS

10.000 objects moving at once!

I already knew Entities Component System (ECS) of Unity, but I had never dared to use it… until now!

Being the most basic ECS tests, I was able to render and move  10.000 objects (entities, actually)… ¡at once! We can observe an average of 125 fps and a relatively low CPU load, I don’t have a really good processor, so I pushed the test up to (only?) 50.000 entities, obtaining an average of 40 frames per second.

It seems to me a really interesting system as well as complex, unfortunately, right now I cannot spend the necessary time to master this system on my own, but I will closely follow the progress that is taking place, since, for many years, this system is not fully developed and some of its features are still in the experimental phase.

Pixel Hero Level Prototype

Bon appépixel!

During my study with the guys from  MasterDevs, I designed this short level, where we must collect a serie of objects that unlock extras for the player, in this case: double jump, dashing, and finally, rolling + drop bombs.

It has been and is a great experience to learn from them, its creator, Mariano Rivas, is so good at it!

Ballsvoid 1.1

New face!

Ballsvoid  has been updated to 1.1. version.

All graphics  has been improved and some improvements have been added.

Platform: Google Play Store (Android)

Year: 2022

Languages: English/Spanish

Duration: 2 hours – Infinity

Price: 1,19€ (taxes included)

More info here.

Soon Ballsvoid will be available for PC too!

Click to go to the Google Play page!

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