¡Ballsvoid for PC! (Releasing March 30)


Ballsvoid is a challenging game of skill and reflexes in which you play as an endearing ball-being trying to escape from the mysterious world where he was dragged while he slept.


You will have to be as fast and precise as you can to avoid dying from the dangers and beings that inhabit this world.


  • Learn from the behavior of each type of enemy to avoid them like a master.
  • Collect the right items to get powers or influence enemies.
  • Avoid all the deadly elements of this world, they will kill you just by touching you a little.
  • Reach the supposed exit of each of the 100 levels that make up the base game.
  • Beat the best times to unlock the Ballsarium elements and survive longer than anyone else in each of the 3 Challenges, 2 of them are completely random!
  • Instant kill/respawn system.
  • 10 achievements to unlock!

It is strongly recommended to play with controller.


In this version for Pc, visual and playable extras have been added, specially for block I, making it more entertaining and fun than ever.


Ballsvoid in inspired by the First Steps mini-game called Ballsavoid, and was the first commercial game by Cabranut Studio, released in 2022 for Android platforms, this Pc version represents a qualitative leap in the game, being the closest thing to how it should have been since the beginning. 


Platform: Steam

Year: 2023

Languages: English/Spanish

Duration: 2/4 hours – Infinite

Price: 4.99 $