News & updates

10/11/2023 – Well! It’s been more than 4 months since the last entry, where is the Steam page with the new game? I regret to inform you that we have postponed this move.


The reasons are several: first, we hit the middle of summer, and this meant a series of getaways during which we couldn’t work. In parallel, and fortunately for me, in these months, I have married a wonderful woman! This has meant months of planning and execution that also haven’t allowed me to work.


Finally, to make things even more complicated, I find myself obligated to find employment since my games are no longer generating income, and my savings are not unlimited. This has also required an enormous amount of time spent preparing a decent portfolio and in the actual search and application for job offers.


With all this, the project continues, and we will keep fighting to deliver a great game, but we are moving this future milestone to 2024.


Until next time!


05/27/2023 – In case anyone had doubts… I’m still here! Cabranut Studio is definitely not standing still. I am working very hard, side by side with my partner Fernando Frutos, whom you will know more about soon.


We are working on our most ambitious game to date: it will be a Role-Playing Action Roguelite set in Egypt. It will be a highly replayable game where you will never play the same two matches, as the world is generated completely randomly with thousands of different possibilities. It will feature hundreds of items, dozens of skins, and powers that will change the player’s behavior. It will also have elements of exploration, subtle decision-making, and a mysterious and intriguing storyline.


It will be a very comprehensive game that will take this studio to a new level. However, I must clarify that we will be opening a parallel company that will represent both partners and act as the publisher for this new game.


If everything goes as planned, in approximately 2 months, we will have enough material to open the Steam page and showcase the first trailer.


All the updates will be announced through this page, as well as on my social media channels.


Greetings to everyone!

03/30/2023 – Finally, the day has come! Ballsvoid is now available for purchase on Steam! I hope people like it! (and have a controller to play).


The next PC project is in full swing with testing, and it’s looking really great!

03/19/2023 – It is a pleasure to announce that Ballsvoid PC will be available on Steam on 03-30-2023.


As I have already announced on various networks, I have implemented a series of visual and playable improvements, which make the game as close to what is had to be from the beginning.


Personally, I love playing this game with a controller, I think it significantly improves the comfort of playing it.


What’s next?

In the following weeks, I will be focused on spreading the game to make it known as much as possible, after that, I will mantain a continuous but soft marketing, since I am looking forward to starting the next Pc project, with all the knowledge I have acquired this Last year, at the moment, I’m not going to give too many details about the next game, but I’m happy to announce that I won’t be alone in its development.


As I have defended since I opened this page, I firmly believe in teamwork, working with someone on a project, opens a new door of challenges, but it also means a leap in aspects such as quality and scope, not to mention the division of wear over time.


You will have more news soon.





12/18/2022 –  I have passed the first Unity certificates (User) – Programmer with a score of 900!

12/17/2022 – Ballsvoid version 1.1 has been released; All graphics have been improved and updated, performance has been slightly improved and some minor bugs have been fixed, including the labels bug at Ballsarium.


After getting much deeper into the Pro Master Devs course, and learning a lot from them, just taking a quick look at the Ballsvoid code, I realize how much I can improve it, which is why the next update will be specific to improve the code, following best practices and make it go smoother internally.


After that, and aware that Ballsvoid has not been very successfull on Android platforms, it will only be necessary to port it to PC and upload it to Steam, and it depends from the reception I have there, I will end the development of it to focus on new projects, always attentive and without ceasing to give technical support to those who have got Ballsvoid.


All the best!

10/20/2022 – Some time has passed and Cabranut has not given many signs of life, does this mean that I left my activity? not at all! I had to move and change of community, now Cabranut is hosted in Alicante! and the truth is that there are many projects that I have in my hands;

1. I’m doing a great course in Master Devs, with the aim of continuing to improve my knowlegde and improve the workflow of my work, basically professionalizing not only with practice, but also with the study.

2.In order to create a network of colleagues with common goals, we are studying a common project with the 2D artist Jimi.arts, from Madrid, we have made several very promising tests and little by little, we are designing a small game set in a biopunk world.

3.In the same order, in my adventures in Madrid, specifically when I was working at Amazon MAD8, I met another game dev that, although he uses Unreal Engine (unlike me, who uses Unity), we have kept in touch and we are making weekly calls from which, presumably, will be born another common project, personally it is a pleasure to share this world with like- minded people, which we have a common goal: to live someday of game development.

4.I’m working on a massive update of Ballsvoid, which will receive a facelift as I’m improving the graphics completely, also in terms of optimization, there will be many improvements, and finally, I will improve the tutorial as well as aspects of the UI (User Interface).


07/21/2022 – Happy drop is already available on Google Play!

Happy drop

07/18/2022 – Due to an issue with Admob’s built-in ads, Happy drop it’s being delayed in it’s post. Currently it has been corrected and is being revised again, when it is accepted again, it will be released to the production version for its final release, sorry for the inconvenience, greetings.

06/28/2022 – Since development times usually take longer than expected, I wanted to challenge myself with a lightning project, the result is Happy drop: an Angry birds type game where you have to throw a drop of water into a container until it fills above the target line. It has taken me about 30 hours of work, counting that I have made and unmade the throwing system several times, as well as wasted a lot of time with the water shaders, to finally not include them and leave a super-simple system of sprites with physics that mimic water.

It is in the process of being uploaded to Google Play Store and will be available in the following days. +Info here

05/27/2022 – Ballsvoid is already available at Google Play!! ^^


05/24/2022 –  The first production version of Ballsvoid is ready to be published! The launch will be next Friday 27 🙂

05/19/2022 – Ballsvoid is currently being tested on the Google Play Store and it will be released next week.


05/03/2022 – We launch our website and our presence on networks! ^^