Ballsvoid! Avalaible on Google Play (05/27/2022)


A challenging game of reflexes  and ability where our character, an endearing and scared ball, appears in an infinite world with some very strange guests… who will all be coming for you!!!


-100 levels divided into 2 blocks.

-Infinite challenges, 2 of them completely random!

-Friendly mode for those who don’t like challenges!

-Beat the best scores to unlock the Ballsarium!

-Ballsarium: a space to appreciate the animations and interactions up close, it also offers tips on how to survive.


Ballsvoid is inspired by the First Steps mini-game called Ballsavoid.

This is the  first commercial game of Cabranut Studio!


Platform: Android (Google Play Store)

Year: 2022.

Language: EN-ES

Duration: 2 hours – Infinite.

Price: 1,19 $ ( taxes included)

New version 1.1

All images and Gift’s below are shown with the graphics prior to the 1.1 update.

Check out the video above to see what Ballsvoid currently looks like