First Steps offers a tiny narrative that takes us through 5 mini-games: 2 arcade games, a driving game, a skill game and a card game.


A practice game.


I started to create it after trying to make a platform game for PC, realizing that my level of knowledge was not enough to create the mechanics I wanted, I decided to make a less ambitious project with the sole objective of finishing it and gaining experience in the field.


It was really a very necessary contest to learn organization, as well as to acquire more knowledge of programming, sprite drawing and animation, among many other things. I managed to make 3 versions of the game, resulting in a narrative horror.


Finally, and succumbing to my own shame, I have eliminated most of the narrative leaving it to something tiny that guides us through the 5 games. Upon completion of the “campaign”, you can customize the games to achieve different challenges.


It’s nothing special, but I didn’t want to bury it in oblivion, I’m leaving the .APK for totally free download!


Platform: Android( published at

Year: 2021.

Duration: 20 minutes of campaign, infinite customizable games.

Name: First Steps.apk (apps Android installer)